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"Fun times in the vein of such super classics as SHAUN OF THE DEAD and ZOMBIELAND"

"It's like a modern-day BREAKFAST CLUB set beneath a rotting flesh planet"

"A throwback to the classic sitcoms of the 70's, 80's and 90's that will have you laughing so hard you'll bust a gut, literally"

"Series Creator Will Gong finds some cleverness in the setup and reaches past the easy bits tipping the writing toward racial tensions, sexual dynamics, and even mental degradation. When these land, Bunkheads shows itself to be an innovative take on not just zombies but sitcoms themselves"

"Gong realizes that the real appeal to any movie or television show about the walking dead resides not with the rotting dead corpses but the flesh and blood people banded together in an attempt to survive the unthinkable"

"A hilarious, wholly original spin on a zombie tale, brilliantly framed within the unexpected context of a sitcom. Witty zingers and outstanding comedic performances punctuate Bunkheads, making it one of the most side-splitting comedies to hit the web in ages. It will leave you in stitches as it begs the question - how has this delightful premise never been explored before? An absolute must watch. 10/10"

"This show is a treat from the Gilligan’s Island style opening sequence that explains “how we got here” to episodes dealing with politics, social commentary, and end of civilization repopulation planning. ...Smart, funny, and relevant: this program is going places."

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